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The Tomich family hails from the Adriatic Coast in Croatia where winemaing is a way of life.

Jack Tomich Senior arrived in Australia in 1903 bringing with him all of the grape growing and winemaking skills of his forefathers.

Upon arriving in Australia he commenced as a courrier in mining for BHB in Broken Hill, the world biggest mining company.

He flourished as a Mine Supervisor until 1936 when he was injured in a mining accident.

From there, he took his young family of 8 children and settled in the new irrigation settlment of Mildura. 


The family and young sons Ivan, George, and Peter cleared virgin grounds in the area and planted a vineyard, growing sultanas and wine grapes. The family always made their own wine for home use. Ivan Tomich showed a real passion for wine, and by 1946 was producing wine and selling it to local farmers. 

The family has farmed wine grapes and cattle for 3 generations, from Mildura to the Murray (Coorong), Coonawarra, Clare and The Adelaide Hills. 

John Tomich was always a believer in climate change, and, with the dry seasons in Clare and the Northern Barossa, he made the decision to move the family’s vineyard to the Adelaide Hills for the cool climate and pristine water source, to ensure the family company’s survival in drought conditions. John, with an eye to detail, whilst endeavouring to produce better wines, completed his post graduate studies in wine making and undertook his Masters of Wine program in London.

The family farming business is now operated by John’s sons Randal and Damian. Randal, the vigneron and winemaker, overseen by John’s attention to detail, and Damian, growing cattle and managing a grass fed Angus herd. The fourth generation, Jack Tomich Junior, is also now learning his way on the vineyard.   


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